Napoleon LEX 605 Grill Built-In Review

Napoleon LEX 605 Grill Built-In Review

Thinking of buying the best built-in gas grill? We are not in a position to tell you what to buy. It is your personal decision. However, we are here to help you out. In the rest of this Napoleon LEX 605 Grill Built-In review, we’ll look at one of the top products to consider, including the notable features that you can expect in this option.

Main Product Features

Given the price range of this grill, a lot of people expect that it will have exceptional features. As you will see below, this product is sure to not disappoint.

605 Square Inches of Grilling Area

If you are looking for a large grill, this is an excellent choice as the cooking surface is 605 square inches. This is undeniably huge, making it perfect even when grilling for a large group. According to the manufacturer, this space is enough for up to 32 burgers.

Wave Cooking Grids

As the name implies, the cooking surface has wave-shaped grids. This makes it great in terms of creating distinctive sear marks once you are done grilling.

Jet-Fire Cooking Ignition

This feature makes sure that the ignition works all the time. As soon as you turn the control knob, the flame will be set and you will be ready to grill in no time.

iGlow Backlit Control Knobs

Grilling at night does not need to be difficult when you have this grill with you. The knobs are not only strategically positioned, but they also have a soft light to keep them illuminated as you cook.

The Good

Not convinced that this is a good choice for a built-in gas grill? You might have a change of mind after we list down some of its benefits.

Convenient and Easy Start-up

If you have been grilling for a long time already, you would know how annoying it is when it does not fire up on your first try. This is not going to be a problem with this grill as it has the innovative Jet-Fire Ignition, so you can expect it to fare well if we are talking about reliability.

Precise Temperature Gauge

The precision of the gauge that is built-in into the unit has also been given words of praises by its users. Because of this, it is easy to monitor the heat without lifting the lid every now and then. Plus, it is strategically positioned so that you can easily see the display.

Easy to Use Even at Night

The interior lights will allow you to easily grill even at night. It provides the illumination that you need to work easily. Also, the knobs have lights so you can adjust it in a snap even in the dark.

High-Quality Construction

It is made by a company that has cemented its reputation in the industry, so you can expect that the durability will be hard to match. The grill boasts of premium materials that can resist external elements. Even through the years, you can expect the best performance from this grill.

The Bad

Truth be told, this is far from being perfect. There are also some drawbacks that may make you hesitant in picking this built-in gas grill.

Heavy and Bulky

One of the first things that you will notice in this gas grill is its large size. This is ideal only if you have the luxury of space at home. Because of its size, moving it around will also be tricky, which is why this is best only for permanent installation.

Exposed Drip Pan

There are also some people who did not like how the drip pan is partially exposed. One problem with this design flaw is that it easily catches rainwater.

Final Verdict

As noted in this Napoleon LEX 605 Grill Built-In review, this is a great high-end product that can provide excellent value for the money. From its premium construction to its reliable performance, it is hard to run out of reasons to consider choosing this built-in gas grill.



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