Rational Guide to the Best Meats to Smoke in Electric Smoker

Best Meats to Smoke in Electric Smoker

An electric smoker might not count on the list of things that your kitchen requires owning. But if you love consuming smoked food, then an electric smoker is pretty advantageous to be kept in your kitchen area. If you focus on making the best meats to smoke in electric smoker, then you’ve apparently come in the right place.

When compared to other smokers, this device stands out in a hundred ways. Preparing smoked food in this type of smoker only requires starting it and setting up the respective temperature and refilling the wood chips. To know more keep reading on.

Best Meats to Smoke in Electric Smoker

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Why Choose Electric Smoker Over Any Other Smokers?

If you’re a beginner in preparing smoked foods, then an electric smoker is a perfect choice. It doesn’t require complicated methods and results in huge satisfaction on the front of the user. Second off, an electric smoker wouldn’t cost you as much as compared to the other smokers available on the market.

It’s the perfect value for money. Next, you can try your hands in smoking food in the areas with fire bans. It’s a great versatile device which lets you cook any type of smoked food including meats!

Meats you can Smoke in Your Electric Smoker

As a 21st century homeowner, you cannot count on the importance of having an electric smoker in your kitchen. After all, this device gives you the license to prepare great recipes. The significance of using an electric smoker is many over the traditional oven.

Mentioned below are some of the meats to prepare in this cooking device.

Smoky Chicken Breast Wrapped with Bacon

If you’re a non-veg, you cannot just avoid the significance of food prepared with chicken in your life. This universal meat is a safe bet when you cook something new. What you can do is brine the chicken and then wrap it in bacon.

During the last thirty minutes, add the barbecue sauce. Serve the smoky and juicy barbecue food and enjoy this mouthwatering delight! You can also try making other poultry options like chicken wings, rotisserie-smoked chicken, and more.

Additionally, you can try experimenting with lamb meat too.

Venison Steak

Venison is something that cannot be excluded from this list. It’s such a lean meat that it can always replace the dry and round beef roast. If you’re a bit skeptical about round beef, then don’t be, for this might change your food tastes!

As far as suggestions are concerned, rub it with olive oil and make it sit for some hours. You can use some seasonings to add more flavors. Dry it and rub some Montreal Steak seasonings over it. Add salt and dried minced onion.

Don’t forget to smoke it for about 225 for one hour. This is one of the best meats to smoke in electric smoker to consume as a dinner or lunch.

Tri-Tip Roast

Another favorite preparation, making a tri-top roast in the electric smoker is as delightful as its taste. This meat is something that requires cooking slow and low. And hence, it happens to be the perfect option when it comes to preparing meat in the electric smoker.

While this isn’t a proper cut to grill, you can still make it in the electric smoker effortlessly. You can also make beef cuts additionally in case you want to start off your beef smoking career. As a matter of fact, beef has a decent fat amount.

And you can easily monitor the temperature through the smoking procedure. Other beef meats which you can try are beef brisket, short ribs, steaks, and more.

Pork Butt

Pulled pork is prepared using pork shoulder. However, this recipe is not anything related to pulled pork. The pork butt is prepared by injecting the meat with the apple juice.

Remember that this recipe is pretty time-consuming. It would take around 7 hours to entirely smoke it to 165 degrees at 225. All you require doing is wrapping it in a foil with a towel.

Let it sit for a few hours in the cooler. It’ll be super juicy on the tasting front. So far, food enthusiasts have loved preparing this particular meat.

Pork Ribs

There’s no denying how delicious a mouthwatering dish of pork ribs tastes. However, you can add more flavors to it with the help of an electric smoker. What you can do is rub the meat with yellow mustard and place it on the electric smoker and grill it

You’ll have to prepare it at 230 for five to six hours and then enjoy the meat by pulling away the bones!

Wrapping up

Now that you’ve already been familiar with these best meats to smoke in electric smoker, why wait any further? Prepare your meal by choosing one of the meats from the aforementioned list!

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